If milk filling is your ask, give Nichrome the task.

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3 min readJan 23, 2024

There are several vital considerations in choosing a milk filling machine. When you deep dive into the question of choosing the best milk filling or liquid packaging machine for your enterprise, Nichrome is clearly the market leader in this domain.

Milk filling solution

The milk packaging machine you choose must be well suited to handle the viscosity, acidity, and the temperature of the milk. Another consideration for the integrated dairy and milk packaging machine system is the size and the shape of the container. The milk filling machine that you invest in, must be easy to clean and maintain.

Why Nichrome?

For accuracy, speed, and efficiency, consider Nichrome, the leading milk pouch packing machine manufacturer in India and overseas. It is recommended that your milk filling machine must be apt for the volume of milk and like most liquid packaging machines by Nichrome, it must be capable of detecting and rejecting defective packages. Any liquid packaging machine that you install must integrate with existing systems.

Nichrome’s liquid packaging machines are the undisputed gold standard in the packaging industry. Our liquid packaging machines are compact and are the preferred choice for plain milk, flavoured milk, lassi, juice, and mineral water. Our heavy duty and accurate vertical form fill seal (VFFS) machines are widely used in over 45 countries.

Nichrome advantages

Nichrome’s VFFS machines are capable of delivering an unmatched output speed of 6,000 milk pouches/hour. Nichrome’s compact VFFS liquid packaging machine range maintains perfect hygiene because the structure is either stainless steel or aluminium. Our product contact parts are maintenance-friendly and lubrication free. Accessories include:

· Insulated balance tanks: Our milk filling machines save energy expenses.

· SCADA system: Supervisory control and data acquisition of machine operations

· Automatic pouch counting: Counts exact number of dairy and milk pouches packed.

Versatility and dexterity

Nichrome’s Filpack Servo Universal, a VFFS dairy and milk packaging machine. It is a next generation versatile performer. It can pack milk, buttermilk, cream, and ghee at the rate of over 5,000 packs an hour.

Or for that matter, Nichrome’s Filpack Servo 12K. This has been acclaimed the fastest milk pouch packaging machine in the market by experts. This stellar performer from Nichrome, packs 200 ML, 500 ML, and 1,000 ML milk pouches at a speed of 12,000 packs an hour! Is this evidence enough to prove that Nichrome milk filling machines are the crown jewel of the dairy and milk packaging space?

Nichrome’s liquid packaging machines trump all the other pouch packaging manufacturers’ products for a reason. We offer models like the FILPACK CMD Alpha which has twin heads. With it, you can pack two different products simultaneously and conduct maintenance on one track while the other is operating. The sheer speed and dexterity with which Nichrome vertical form fill seal machine’s function will leave you dazzled.

Nichrome’s milk filling machines come with many benefits for the liquid packaging. Reliability is the hallmark of these VFFS machines. Our milk filling machines are:

· Fully automatic: Reduces need for human intervention.

· Pouch counting: Vital for determining productivity.

· Hygiene: Easy to clean and maintain

· Online leak detection: Reduces defective products.

Many advantages

There are many obvious advantages of choosing Nichrome’s liquid packaging machine range. These integrated dairy and milk packing machines can be customized according to your specifications. Most of Nichrome’s VFFS series are independent of pouch size and volume. Nichrome is India’s premier milk pouch packaging machine manufacturer by merit. We take pains to understand your exact requirement and provide turnkey milk filling solutions for every need.


If accuracy, speed, flexibility, energy efficiency, quantity range are your ask, give Nichrome the task! Our multiple pouch format, VFFS machines will leave you speechless. Give us a tinkle and we will get back to you with milk packaging solutions that match your requirements amazingly well.



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