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3 min readFeb 2, 2024

Most of the powder packaging and bag filling machine manufacturers in India are based out of Pune, Ahmedabad, and Jodhpur. Nichrome, a Pune-based leading bag filling machine manufacturer, has carved an exclusive niche for itself in the bag filling machine market for a number of compelling reasons.

Growing Market

The increasing demand for bag filling machines is fuelled by the rise in people’s preference for processed and packaged goods, increase in income & population. In India, the powder packaging system market is growing by leaps and bounds. New powder packaging system and automatic bag filling machine manufacturers are cropping up in places where masala packing, and bulk bag handling systems are needed.

This trend is also apparent because the overall powder packaging machine industry is also expanding rapidly. Indian players are under pressure to upgrade their powder packaging systems, especially masala packing systems because of intense competition from Chinese companies.

Nichrome Leadership

Nichrome leads the pack in bag filling machine and powder packaging machine manufacture in India. Our claim to have carried out 10,000 successful installations in 45 countries is hitherto unchallenged.

We are known for the reliability of our powder packaging machines and masala packing machine range. We are the preferred choice for bag filling machines, bulk bag filling machines, powder packaging machines, and masala packing systems.

Nichrome is the frontrunning manufacturer of powder packaging machines for the simple reason that it has a surprising range of products best suited for masala packing and powder packing. Our powder packaging machines are compact, durable, energy efficient and increase profitability.

Astounding range

We offer a variety of bag and powder packaging machines, including:

· Excel 400 Plus Servo Auger: With print mark scanners, static charge eliminator, servo motor driven bag length control

· Sprint 250 Plus Servo Auger: With perforation system, exact film length pulls, bagger speed 120 packs/ minute.

· Maxima 200: Bagger Speed 200 packs/minute, servo auger for precise filling

· Maxima 400: Bagger Speed 400 packs/minute, servo auger for precise filling

Each of these variants are best in class and offer speed, accuracy, versatility, and low maintenance. Nichrome is adept at customizing integrated powder packaging machines, especially masala packaging systems, to suit the specific needs of the customer in terms of product type, bag shape, and volume.

Bulk bag filling systems

Nichrome also offers automatic bulk bag packing filling machines best suited for powder packaging and masala packing. They are ideal for packing large bags of 5 kg to 50 kg. Nichrome bulk bag handling systems are designed for products such as rice, sugar, grains, pulses, flour, and cake mix. These PLC/HMI fitted machines deliver output rates of 20 bags/minute.

Powder, masala packaging

Nichrome masala and powder packaging solutions pack pouches, sachets, and jars. Nichrome’s Double Head Wing Servo Auger Filling machine, which is a superlative powder packaging solution runs at high speed and is reliable for spice powder packaging like chilli, turmeric, coriander, sambar powder. It can be used for nutraceutical powders premix, health drinks, energy drinks and beverages, coffee, and dairy whitener.

For pouch quantities up to 2 Kg, Nichrome’s Sprint 250 Plus series of powder packaging machine advantages are:

· Dexterity, accuracy, and productivity

· Packaging for wide variety free-flowing and non-free-flowing powders like ground coffee, masalas, flour, baking mix and granules.

· Vertical form fill seal (VFFS) machines that save energy.

· Require lesser floor area, produce pillow seal pouches.

Nichrome’s EXCEL PLUS series comes with many advantages:

· Ideal for powder & granule bag filling

· Fully automatic

· Includes servo motor driven bag length control.

· Can be integrated downstream or upstream to existing equipment.

· Versatile for powder packaging, grain, snacks, masala packing


Nichrome is the best option for bag filling machines, powder packing and masala packing systems. If you need a reliable bag filling machine or a powder packing machine manufacturer, call us now and we will customize our solution to perfectly match your requirements.



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Having first started in Pune in 1948, Nichrome established itself in the world of packaging in 1977. Today the company incorporates 37 years of experience.