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When we talk seeds, there are two broad categories: edible seeds and agri seeds. Edible seeds, as we all know and often consume, are gaining in popularity as food items. Around the world, people are waking up to the health benefits of seeds such as sesame, pumpkin, cucumber, sunflower, flax, chia, etc. These seeds are rich in fibre and phyto-nutrients and are being widely consumed in salads, soups, snacks. etc.

Agri seeds is another category catering to farmers mainly in grains, cereals, fruits, vegetables, and oil and forage crops. In India, where agriculture is the dominant occupation, there is a growing seed market and abundant opportunities for marketers. Currently, grain seeds represent the largest seed type, accounting for more than a half of the total seed production.

Nichrome Seed Packaging Solutions

Nichrome offers a wide range of automatic seed packaging machines. These solutions work just as well for other grains, pulses, sugar, whole spices, etc. The Excel Plus series of grains & seeds packaging machines are equipped with modern technology and offer innovative packaging solutions that follow stringent packaging quality standards for a wide range of products.

Excel 400 Plus Cup Filler
A truly versatile solution for seeds and grains, besides snacks, powders, other granules. This machine packs seeds in large bags up to 10 Kgs.

Pouch formats: CSPP, 4 Line Seal, Gusset, Penta Seal, Penta Seal with D Cut
Bagger speed: 80 packs per min

Excel 400 Plus Intelligent Electronic Weigh Filler
A truly versatile solution designed as per stringent quality standards. This seed packaging machine packs seeds in large bags up to 10 Kgs.

Pouch formats: CSPP, 4 Line Seal, Gusset, Penta Seal, Penta Seal with D Cut
Bagger speed: 80 packs per min

Excel Vertipack 320
India’s first vertical pouch packaging machine developed by Nichrome for seed packaging and other products such as grains, dry fruits, snacks, pasta, etc.

Pouch formats: Standee, CSPP, CSGP, TSS, Quad Seal, Penta Seal
Bagger speed: 45–55 packs per min

Sprint 250 Plus Intelligent Electronic Weigh Filler
For pouch quantities up to 2 Kgs, Sprint 250 Plus offers speed, accuracy and efficiency for seed packaging. It also serves the needs of sugar packaging, rice packaging, tea packaging, and other grains packaging.

Pouch formats: CSPP, Gusset
Bagger speed: 120 packs per min

Wing 200 E-Line Snack Pack
E-Line is an exclusive seed packaging machine for start-ups and SMEs — designed to fit their space, budget and performance expectations. It is the ideal solution for packing small, convenient pouches of seeds for snacking.

Pouch formats: CSPP, CSPP Chain of pouches
Bagger speed: 80 packs per min

HFFS Series
Nichrome also offers a range of Horizontal Form Fill Seal machines with the latest linear technology. These compact automatic packaging machines are available in duplex modules for higher outputs.

Pouch formats: Stand-up, Stand-up with zipper, spout, Euro-slot or handle
Bagger speed: 100 packs per minute (simplex); 200 packs per minute (duplex)

Why Nichrome?

Since Nichrome developed India’s first indigenous milk packaging machine in 1977, it has been at the forefront of next-generation packaging technologies; a brand trusted for its rich legacy of pioneering innovation, extensive domain knowledge and manufacturing competency in packaging systems.

For enterprises big and small, for applications existing and emerging, Nichrome offers infinite possibilities in integrated, automated packaging solutions — as they partner with customers through the complete lifecycle, offering application-specific solutions, backed by dependable service and support.

Based in Pune, India, Nichrome’s sales & service network spans India and the world. Nichrome has presence in 45 countries and more than 7000 successful installations worldwide.

Infinite possibilities

Nichrome offers infinite possibilities in packaging solutions — for start-ups, medium sized businesses or large MNCs, for existing or emerging applications. That too, with one-stop convenience.

With their strong thrust on R&D, Nichrome partners with customers, studies their market and specific application, and innovates integrated solutions that deliver relevant advantages.

It could be a small variation in a pouch format or customization of an existing machine; a pro-actively developed filling system or consultancy & system design for a complete packaging plant — Nichrome has the expertise, capabilities and innovation to transform productivity and enrich customer relationships in endless ways.

For seed marketers, whether you are a start-up venturing into the edible seeds market or producer of agricultural seeds, talk to Nichrome. Convenient packs for retail consumers or bulk packs for farmers, Nichrome’s seed packaging machines and herb seed packaging machines will ensure speed and efficiency of operations, and good market value for your product.



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