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3 min readFeb 2, 2024

Automatic Liquid Filling Machines are employed across various sectors such as food & beverages, and pharma industries. Automated Liquid Packaging Machines deftly and accurately fill containers and are a must-have to maintain profitability and scale production. Filling liquid containers is challenging. There are a variety of liquid products in the market — foamy, creamy, runny, or dense. The product determines the type of Liquid Filling Machine.

Product determines type.

As a multiple product manufacturer, it is essential that you choose an Automatic Liquid Filling Machine engineered for viscosities you deal with. The product determines the container too. Think Liquid Filling Machines. Think Nichrome! — the leading Indian automatic packaging machine manufacturer offering a wide range of Liquid Packaging Machines, Sachet Packaging Machine, Pouch Filling Machines for solid, liquid, and viscous products.

Nichrome Advantage

Nichrome’s Automatic Liquid Filling Machines are used in a variety of industries, including food & beverage, and pharma. These machines are designed to fill bottles, jars, and tins with liquid products such as beverages, chemicals, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and food. Nichrome’s Automatic Liquid Filling Machines are the talk of the packaging industry in India and overseas.

Nichrome Liquid Filling Machine’s adherence to stringent quality norms, and enhanced machine performance make our brand a globally preferred Automatic Packaging Machine. With a range of filling capacities and built-in safety features, Nichrome’s Liquid Filling Machines can be integrated easily into existing filling lines.

‘Variety- spice of life’

Nichrome’s Automatic Liquid Filling Machines are versatile and can be used to package a diverse variety of liquids. These machines are designed to fill bottles, jars, and containers with liquid products such as milk, flavoured milk, lassi, juice, mineral water, liquor, curd, butter milk, and Basundi.

Nichrome’s Automatic Liquid Packaging Machines for milk, dairy products and other liquids offer:

· Reliability: Low system downtime

· Hygiene: Our automatic liquid filling machines are easy to clean and maintain

· Efficient: Nichrome liquid packaging machines are energy efficient and save costs

· Accuracy: Pouch packaging is near accurate

· Innovative tech: Equipped with advanced servo technology and continuous mechanical filler.

· Versatility: Nichrome’s Liquid Filling Machines are versatile. They pack dairy products of different kinds.

Zenith of Packaging Tech

Nichrome offers a plethora of Horizontal Form Fill Seal (HFFS) Machines for liquid filling including food, and pharmaceuticals. Nichrome’s HFFS machines are designed to wrap products horizontally using a continuous packaging film sealed around to provide protection and maintain freshness.

These machines are equipped with advanced servo technology and continuous mechanical filler, making them ideal for filling liquids or dry products. Nichrome’s HFFS machines offer multiple filler options. Some of the different types of Nichrome Liquid Packaging Machines are:

· Weigh Filling Machines: Designed to fill products by weight (for those sold by weight)

· Cup Filling Machines: Designed to fill products by volume (for those sold by volume)

· Auger Filling Machines: Designed to fill products by weight or volume using an auger screw (for those sold by weight or volume)

· Piston Filling Machines: Systems designed to fill products by volume using a piston (those sold by volume)

Nichrome Edge

Nichrome’s pinnacle of success in the Automatic Packaging Machine manufacturing industry is backed by decades of trust and technical expertise. The redeeming qualities of Nichrome liquid packaging solutions are — enhanced production rates, near accuracy, and consistent pouch quality. We handhold customers throughout the product lifecycle — from start to finish and beyond.


Four decades of global experience, intensive inhouse R&D, state-of-art manufacturing, technology tie-ups with global majors, thousands of successful installations, strong nation-wide service network are Nichrome USPs.

Nichrome is based out of Pune India, but our operations are nation-wide. We boast of over 10,000 plus installations globally and have a footprint in 45 plus countries. We believe in providing total turnkey automated liquid packaging solutions that will meet your packaging requirements like a glove.



Nichrome India Ltd

Having first started in Pune in 1948, Nichrome established itself in the world of packaging in 1977. Today the company incorporates 37 years of experience.